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Bionutricia Extract has the advantage of controlling the entire chain of activities from purchasing of raw materials from farmers to processing and extraction. Thus, we guarantee production of the finest quality, attractive pricing and reliable services for all our business clientele.

We have expertise in plants knowledge, to develop and produce plant extracts. Also having a R&D team who identifies development opportunities in the health beauty area and brings original solutions supported by scientific proofs.

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Offering high quality food and herbal ingredients extracts in both powder & liquid form customisable just for you.


Mudahnya Memasak dengan Pandan Leaf Extract Bio Nutricia | Assalamualaikum dan salam Daku salah seorang penggemar air roselle sebabny daku sangat sukakan rasanya yang masam-masam manis. Selepas mencuba ekstak Roselle Hibiscus & Red Bett Extract ni honestly memang sedap!!

Beberapa minggu lepas Sally dapat Natural Pandan Leaf Extract Essence keluaran Bio Nutricia Extract, memang excited la kan terus buat donut perisa pandan…hehehe…selain daripada baunya yang harum, semerbak bau daun pandan…

Mudahnya Memasak dengan Pandan Leaf Extract Bio Nutricia | Assalamualaikum dan salam sayang.. Budaya masyarakat Melayu dalam penggunaan daun pandan dalam kehiudpan seharian memang tidak dapat dipisahkan lagi bak irama dan lagu.

I just add all the ingredients including a few drops of Pandan Leaf Extract into the slow cooker. I added some dried longan after it boils. By the way, this is a sugar-free ‘tong sui’.

I made some muffins with this Pandan Extract and also Sticky Rice to be indulged with my Hainan Gula Melaka syrup and a cooling Pandan with Lemongrass beverage to cool down the body on a hot sunny day in Malaysia everyday!

Butterfly pea flower Great Yogurt Ingredients . 1/3 cup low fat natural greek yogurt Stevia. 1/2 tbs butterfly pea flower extract

Hubby balik keja kita jamu ngan bingka ubi kayu arini.. Specialnya rasa pandan.. Haaa rare kan?? Makin rare #pandanleafextract x payah nk blander tapis bagai… Smuanya dah ready.. . @bionutriciaextract mmg awesome

I am heaving lots of ideas on how to taste these products then I think of the Penang famous Nasi 7 Benua then I was wondering why not try using these extracts to cook rice to make them colorful!

I am glad I found these beneficial extracts. They are very helpful for my daily cooking. Apart from making my food delicious, they make my food healthy too.

I make it a habit by adding in a teaspoon of Pandan Leaf extract in my favourite beverages. Simple to prepare your drink using Pandan Leaf extract – Beverages.

Sebabtu la I suka guna Pandan Leaf Extract ni. Masa masak memangbau pandantu wangi sangat ! Warna dia pun cantik dengan kuning hijau lembut. Bukan warna yang nampak fake terlebih pewarnatu.

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Certifications & Awards

We produce and commercialize plant based extract and active fraction from local herbal species in GMP, HACCP, JAKIM HALAL & KOSHER certified Facilities.