Food & Herbal Plant Extract Manufacturer Malaysia

Backed by scientific tests and clinical studies, we are Malaysian’s Scientists and Engineers who are visionaries and passionate about Herbal Extraction Technology. As the leading food and herbal extract manufacturer in Malaysia, Bionutricia supports Local Farmers, engages Research Experts, harness Rich Resources from Malaysia’s Tropical Rain Forest, and promotes Malaysia Best‘s Unique Plant Bio-Actives Phytonutrient to the World by producing various Food Ingredients and Herbal Ingredients for your daily consumption.

Seeking top innovation through herbal extraction technology, our R&D team carefully selects from the range of our active ingredients for its beneficial qualities on the organism, covering analytical and botanical research and extraction expertise. With the use of our herbal extract technology, our extracts have astounding properties that can be used in food and beverages for the betterment of your emotional well-being and overall health.


Food Ingredient is any substance that is added to a food to achieve a desired effect
Herbal Ingredient is any substance intended to produce a therapeutic effect


Our Extraction plant is unique and with Advance Nano-BioTechnology processing steps, for example:

Our Testimonials

I just add all the ingredients including a few drops of Pandan Leaf Extract into the slow cooker. I added some dried longan after it boils. By the way, this is a sugar-free 'tong sui'.

Princess Cindyrina
I made some muffins with this Pandan Extract and also Sticky Rice to be indulged with my Hainan Gula Melaka syrup and a cooling Pandan with Lemongrass beverage to cool down the body on a hot sunny day in Malaysia everyday!
Sebrinah Yeo
Mudahnya Memasak dengan Pandan Leaf Extract Bio Nutricia | Assalamualaikum dan salam Daku salah seorang penggemar air roselle sebabny daku sangat sukakan rasanya yang masam-masam manis. Selepas mencuba ekstak Roselle Hibiscus & Red Bett Extract ni honestly memang sedap!!
Siti Awadah