Our Commitment

The Promise

Bionutricia Extract

involved in processing and manufacturing of high standard active ingredients from bio-diversities of Malaysia tropical forest. (customer review)

Our Technology

is backed by scientific research which collaborates with local university & research centre.

Our Product has to go through a stringent international guideline.

Our Extraction facility is capable of producing active fraction. (customer review)

Our Team

Ts. Ng K.P.

Founder & CEO
(P.Tech, Food Technologist)
(P.Tech, Food Chemist)

Pong Kok Wei

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
B.Sc (hons) Mechanical Engineering

Kong Siew Mee

Co-Founder & General Manager
B. A. Business Management

Dr. Yong Yi Yi

Operation Manager
PhD in Science (Monash University Malaysia)
(Food Science & Technology, Microbiology & Chemistry)
BSc (Hons) in Medical Bioscience (Monash University Malaysia)

Eugene CSL

Associate Product Manager
Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy, UCSI. RPh 018204

Noor Azirah Binti Segu Jalaludeen

Quality Assurance and Halal Executive
Bachelor in Chemical Engineering Technology (Hons.) in Food


It’s a great honour to receive MDEC (Top Seller Award 2019 by Malaysia Government Digital Economy Corporation) & SOBA (The Star Outstanding Business Awards) award and recognition.

We are grateful to have Axis as our ecommerce partner, patiently nurture and guide us through, MDEC for the initiative & support, and we are blessed to have a great team who work hard to achieve this. Lets support malaysia product and make malaysia better. Thank you.


GMP Certificate

HACCP Certificate

MESTI Certificate

FDA Registration

MBPJ Certificate

Patent Process for Preparing Nutritional Powder Extract