Advance Processing

Our Extraction plant is unique and with Advance Nano-BioTechnology processing steps, for example:

Enzyme Assisted Pre-treatment

Loosen the structural integrity of botanical cell wall thereby enhancing the extraction of the desired flavor, color and secondary metabolites (Bio-Ingredient)

Ultrasonic Treatment

Increase extraction yield and faster kinetics generates micro-jets which destroy the lipid glands in the plant cell tissue (the disintegration of cell structures). Hence, one of the best extraction methods of intra-cellular compounds or for the microbial inactivation.

Multiple Effect Plate Evaporation

The heating fluid is used multiple times to optimize the calorie valorization across the evaporation process. It significantly reduces steam and cooling water consumption.

Advance NANO-SPRAY Dry Technology

Piezoelectric driven vibrating mesh atomizer and a high-efficiency electrostatic dry powder collector. A laminar drying air flow inside the spray chamber with hammering vibration also provides instant drying at mild conditions. (biotechnology)

Food Organic Solvent Extraction

Non-explosion facilities to harness a complete extractionof Bio-Ingredient, including cleaning in place programs


Good manufacturing practice documentation to meet food safety, quality and legal requirement

Pandan Leaf Liquid & Powder Extraction Process

Tongkat Ali Powder Extraction Process