Birdnest Peptide Powder

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  • Improve bone
  • Delay aging
  • Improve immunity
  • Healthy for brain
  • Pre-order packing (freshly made) needs 1 to 2 weeks lead time
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Swiftlets are unique creatures whose nests are made using their saliva. Edible bird nests has been traded for hundreds of years between the Malay Archipelago and China since the 16th and 17th centuries. Bird nest harvesting in Malaysia traditionally began in the late 1800s in limestone caves in the Borneo Islands, such as Niah Cave in Sarawak and Gomantong Cave in Sabah. The edible bird nest-producing swiftlet species that are mainly traded worldwide are Aerodramus fuciphafus and Aerodramus maximus. Southeast Asian countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, are the major exporting countries of edible bird nests.

The reason why bird nests are expensive is because of the dangerous harvesting process and the painstaking cleaning process. This caused people to actively practise in-house farming to avoid the dangerous harvesting process from the limestone caves. The harvested bird nests have to go through a tough cleaning process to remove impurities such as sand, feathers, and eggshells.

Bird nest contains proteins and carbohydrate-rich glycoproteins which have the potential to provide nutritional and therapeutic properties. The main carbohydrate that is widely studied is sialic acid and it can be used as a functional ingredient in many industries, especially the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Sialic acid is found to have many biological functions that are important for human health benefits, such as neuronal development, antiviral activity against influenza viruses, prevention of hypertension, a strong immune regulator of cancer cells, and skin whitening effect.

Traditionally, an edible bird nest is prepared for consumption by double boiling. It is usually known as bird nest soup with the addition of sugar and served as dessert in the Chinese community. However, bird nests does not dissolve easily by extracellular fluids because of their high charge density, high molecular weight protein and grouping of glycosylation sites. The conversion of the glycoproteins to glycopeptides may help overcome this problem and increase the efficiency of their uptake. One of the ways this can be done is by hydrolysis treatment which can produce peptides with reduced molecular weight. Small bioactive peptides (<10 kDa) produced by enzymatic hydrolysis can increase the quality of the biological function of edible bird nests.

Besides enzymatic hydrolysis, other methods such as acidic hydrolysis and ultrasound treatment can affect the solubility and types of peptides and the amount of sialic acid content. The bioactive peptide present in the bird nest can exhibit antioxidant activity and antihypertension activity. Therefore, the bird nest peptide can be applied in food products such as ready-to-drink products, prebiotic drinks, yoghurt and ice cream.

Our product has employed acid hydrolysis and enzyme hydrolysis followed by ultrasonic-assisted extraction to yield the maximum amount of sialic acid and peptides.  It is easier to soluble in water so can be incorporated into any beverage for optimum health benefits without spending a long time cooking it. It is neutral taste powder so is convenient to be formulated into any health or beauty-related powdery supplement.

Direction of Use

Add 1/8 teaspoon to 6 tablespoons or 0.2% to 6% or as needed. Mix, top or blend in water, soup, drinks, smoothies, beverages, ice-cream, cake, kuih-muih, jam, jelly, pudding, snacks, biscuits, desserts, dressings & recipes. (Depends on personal preferences)

There is no harm/chemicals/preservatives, just harmony, manufactured naturally

  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • No Fillers
  • No Flavors
  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colours
  • Soy and Gluten Free


Keep in a cool & dry place (<28ºC). Avoid sunlight. Fridge would be best.
Keep away from children.
Has a shelf life of 24 months, in the original sealed packaging below 25°C, relative humidity below 65% and odour-free conditions.
Packages should not be in direct contact with walls or floors.


  • Powder texture may vary. Some powder is fine, while some powder is coarser. Please consider this when ordering.
  • Due to the nature of plant / herbal extract, powder may clump due to heat or moisture.
  • Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet.
  • If you are pregnant, lactating or taking medications, please consult a physician before taking any nutritional products.
  • Colour, taste, and texture may vary from batch to batch.
  • Stop using this product if an allergy occurs.