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Bionutricia Extract

is a food biotechnology company established in 2006 aiming to produce and commercialize plant based extract and active fraction from local herbal species in GMP, HACCP, JAKIM HALAL & KHOSER certified Facilities.

Unique Extraction Process

using 100% Natural Green Bio-Technology and fractions produced are of high premium that fulfils the international requirement quality, safety and efficacy standards.
Standardized extract herbal extract that has been processed so it contains a specified amount of phytochemical compounds, usually know as active compound.
These standardized extracts will be represented with list of CoA (certificate of analysis) which encompassing the element of quality, safety and efficacy.


In the 1890s, Mr. Low Kim Geok (my great grandfather), left the village in Fujian, China and settled down in the small town in Southern Malaya. He was a farmer and worked with traditional medicine doctor to learn herbal plant cultivation during Qing Dynasty.

Mr. Low Kim Geok (刘金玉)brought in dried part of herbal plant, and thus set up the ‘Ban Siew’ chinese medicine hall. Mr. Low Kim Geok (刘金玉)opened his first Chinese medicine shop in Southern Malaya (Singapore) and moved to Jalan Gurdwara (Sungai Pinang bridge) Penang Island when Japanese start to invaded Malaya.

Mr Low Choi Bok(刘水木)(my grandfather) inherited this small humble bustling family-run medical hall and had a strong following among the locals who lived around the area. Over the years, it had built up a reputation for friendly and personalized services , as well as affordability and efficacy of its products. I always remember the teaching of my grandfather who always emphasized on Trust, Quality & Efficacy. Bionutricia Extract will carry on the heritage of “Ban Siew” chinese medicine hall bring it to the next level.

The spirit of entrepreneurship and the mission to change people’s lives still drives everything we do today. Bionutricia Extract continues to push the boundaries of innovation in what has become a rapidly-changing marketplace though our dynamic corporate culture.

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