Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) Standardized Extract Powder

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  • Pure 20:1 Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) Extract
  • Rich in phytonutrient
  • High in antioxidant
  • Boost immune system
  • Skin Health
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Rich in anthocyanins
  • Scientifically tested
  • Ultrasonic hot water extraction

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Raspberry extract:

Pure Raspberry (Rubus idaeus) rich in Vitamin C & Anthocyanins.
Raspberry, bramble fruit of the genus Rubus (family Rosaceae). Raspberries are an economically significant crop throughout much of northern Europe, as well as in the United States and Canada, and are thought to have evolved in eastern Asia. Raspberry fruits contain iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants. Antioxidants help the body eliminate toxic substances known as free radicals. The body produces some of these substances during metabolic processes, but others result from external factors, such as unhealthful foods and pollution. Unhealthful foods include processed foods and those high in fat and sugar. Raspberry often with cream or ice cream, as a dessert fruit. Jams and jellies are also popular, and the fruit is commonly used as a pastry filling and as a flavouring for certain liqueurs.

We provide practical, easy & consistent on food processing application.

Fresh natural extract powder for Bakery & Beverage.

No harm/chemicals/Vegan/Non-GMO/No Fillers/No Flavors/No Additives/No Artificial Colors/Soy and Gluten Free/preservative, just harmony, manufactured naturally

Zip Lock Pouches Dimensions:
100g: 12cm (L) x 3.5cm (W) x 19.5cm (H)

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Please note & consider when purchasing Powders:
1. Due to the nature of plant/herbal powders that have no additives or preservatives, our products may clump when the pouch is exposed to heat or moisture. Always store in a cool, dry place.
2. Powder texture may vary. Some powder is very fine, while some powder is more coarse. Please take this into consideration when ordering-Raspberry extract.