How to Source Trusted Pandan Leaf Extract in Bulk to the US and Canada?


The Pandan Leaf Extract has been present in Malaysian cuisine for centuries. It is also widely used for flavoring Southeast Asia and South Asian cuisines. The juice extracted from its leaf produces a pleasant aroma, especially rice-bases traditional cakes or tapioca. With its growing popularity beyond Asia, conquering countries worldwide, the demand for buying in bulk has also skyrocketed.

There were both advantages and disadvantages. The latter includes encountering issues with finding a trusted seller for pandan leaf extract in bulk, mainly in the US and Canada. How do you find a legit seller for this precious product? Let us discuss how!

The Health Benefits of Pandan Leaf Extract

Another reason for its growing popularity is its health benefits aside from its kitchen uses. Here’s a quick look at the health benefits of Standardized Natural Pandan Extract (NPE):

  • Alkaline pH Health Balanced Body
    Do you know that having an alkaline pH, health balanced body can help avoid colds, flu, cancer, and heart disease? The standardized natural pandan extract helps your body have a good alkaline level (pH 7.1 – 7.5).
  • Antioxidant Activity
    NPE provides antioxidants that help reduce lipid peroxidation and also helps increase the reduced glutathione in the liver.
  • Cooling and Detoxifying
    The chlorophyll that can be found in NPE removes toxins and pollutants. Studies show that adults who took NPE at least three times a day benefited from decreased Aflatoxin-N-guanine levels in liver and serum by 55% and 71%. There was also a decrease in Aflatoxin-N-guanine level in their urine by 92%.
  • Quick Recovery of Energy
    Pandan has been proven to have anti-fatigue effects resulting in a quick recovery of energy in the body.
  • Sports Nutrition
    Because of quick energy recovery brought by NPE, it has also proven to improve body energy and enhance performance during a workout.

For centuries, pandan has been used as an alternative medicine to treat various diseases. Its strong nutty aroma is just a bonus!

The Difference Between Pandan Leaf Extract and Pandan Powder

It is essential to know that despite sounding the same, the pandan leaf extract and pandan powder have different effects.

Pandan Powder

The powder version also has the same high antioxidants, soothing and alkaline drink, quick energy recovery, cooling, and relieving body heat. Because it is in powder form, it is suitable for dry powder mixing in food.

Pandan Leaf Extract

This has a high concentration that a bottle of 60g can serve up 10 cups, while a bottle of 200 grams can go up to 32 cups. It has a natural flavor and color and offers high value and highly active ingredients.

Its potency and consistency were tried and tested and have high absorption. It contains all active phytonutrients, which puts it at the highest level of pandan extract.

The pandan powder and pandan extract go through the same process from sorting and cleaning, sizing and drying of leaves, sonication by ultrasound, organic extraction, homogenizing, and microencapsulation. The only difference is at the eighth step. While the pandan extract stops at concentration using an evaporator, the pandan powder still goes through an extra spray drying step.

How to Know if the Source of Pandan Leaf Extract is Legit?

Malaysia has widely cultivated the plant and has been known for producing a standardized natural pandan leaf extract that is considered safe for the body. If you are looking for a trusted pandan leaf extract supplier, here are the following questions you need to ask:

  1. Are they providing the correct information? Do they know the differences between the products they are selling? 
  2. Have they passed the raw material lab test, which means it is free from herbicides and pesticides?
  3. How consistent are their products?
  4. Has the company invested in its own research and development?
  5. What other certifications do they have? Do they have a HALAL certificate? How about high standard product quality control certificate?
  6. Are they claiming they are FDA approved? (Keep in mind that the FDA does not evaluate any dietary supplements, so if the seller claimed their products are approved by the FDA, this is not true).

If the above questions are answered satisfactorily, then that source for pandan leaf extract can be considered reliable.

Important things to know:

  • There is no standardized extract of pandan leaf in the market. Thus, here at Bionutricia, it produced a standardized pandan leaf extract tested for its effectiveness and safety. Our pandan leaf extract also comes with a quantified active phytochemical compound.
  • The usual energy drink in the market consists of additives and preservatives that may negatively affect the body. With Bionutricia, you are assured that our pandan leaf extract has gone through an ultrasonic and enzymatic pretreatment process into green biotechnology extraction and a microencapsulated spray dryer. This ensures that the natural flavor is retained until the finished product.
  • The energy drink you can find in the market are usually high in sugar content and caffeine, which are not healthy. The pandan leaf extract is a great alternative that produces 100% natural flavor without affecting your sleep quality.

How to Source Trusted Pandan Leaf Extract in Bulk to US and Canada?

Sellers of Pandan Leaf Extract have sprouted left and right. However, just because the products they offer are lower, the quality and safety of its content can’t be guaranteed.  So how do you source a trusted pandan leaf extract in bulk to the US and Canada, as well as to the rest of the world?

What you need to look for in bulk sellers are the following:

  1. Are they responsible for any refund?

Sometimes due to logistics issues, it can’t be guaranteed that the products will be delivered in good shape. In this case, be aware of the terms and conditions of the seller. The ideal seller should lead you in the right direction by solving the issue with a bit of convenience.

  • How is their customer service?
    Are the customer service staff prompt in responding to your queries? How often do they provide updates regarding your orders?
  • How is the feedback they received in the past?
    It will be best to check out the feedback they get on their platforms too. How do they handle complaints or negative reviews on their site?

Bionutricia offers a wide range of pandan leaf products from powder to extract. And yes, you may source trusted pandan leaf extract in bulk anywhere around the world with us!

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