Knowledge: Ube Purple Yam (Dioscorea alata)

Philippine Yam / Ube Purple Yam (Dioscorea alata)

Purple yam is one of the most consumed food staple worldwide due to its high content of carbohydrates and high nutrients content. Purple yam is high in proteins, vitamins A, B, C, minerals and fiber. This staple crop offers many benefits as it contains high quality gluten-free carbohydrates and is composed of small and resistant starch granules which allows the slower glucose release and absorption by human body. Purple yam is known to reduce risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancers.

Phytochemicals: anthocyanins

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Low Glycemic Index

Gycemic Index analysis
Sample Dioscorea alata
Parameters analyzed Measurement of Estimated glycemic index (eGI)
Outcomes Visible benefits

  • The estimated glycemic index of Dioscorea alata was reported to be between 35.56 – 41.31, indicate that it is a low GI food.

Table 1: Glycemic index of tuber crops and white bread

Gycemic Index analysis
Foods Glycemic index (GI)
Purple Yam 35.56 – 41.31
Potato 144
Pumpkin 64
White bread 112

*Food that are ranked 70-100 have high GI; Food that ranged 55-69 are at medium level; Food with 55 or lower is having low GI.

Functions The low glycemic index confirmed the yam varieties as low glycemic index food. It was concluded that Dioscorea alata are good sources of protein nutrient and suitable staple food for the diabetics.

Antidiabetic effect and aid in body weight management

In vivo lab experiments
Subject Male wistar rats
  1. Control group (oral administered 0.3ml and 0.9% sodium chloride)
  2. Treated group (oral administered with different concentrations of purple yam extract)
Duration 21 days
Dosage Dioscorea alata L.(purple yam) extract, 100mg/kg, 200mg/kg and 300mg/kg of body weight
Parameters analyzed Blood glucose analysis and body weight measurement
Outcomes Visible benefits

The results showed that food intake, fasting blood glucose level and body weight were significantly reduced when compared with the control group.

Table 1: Comparison of food intake in the difference between difference experimental groups

Table 2: Comparison of fasting blood glucose in the difference between difference experimental groups.

Table 3: Comparison of body weight changes in the difference between difference experimental groups.

Functions Dioscorea alata L. could serve as a great therapeutic diet in the management of diabetes.

Antioxidative activity

Antioxidative activity
Samples Purple yam or ube (D. alata) and two lesser yam or tugui (D. esculenta) varieties
Parameters analyzed
  1. Determination of Total Phenolic Compound
  2. Total Antioxidant Activity
Outcomes Visible benefits

  • Phenolic content of yam ranges from 15.9 to 421.8 mg gallic acid/100g sample.
  • Total antioxidant activity by ferric thiocyanate method at 50 mg/mL was between 92.0-95.6%.
  • All taro samples were found to exhibit better radical scavenging activity and reducing power on a µg analyte basis than α-tocopherol.

Table 1: Total phenolic content of yam samples.

Table 2: Antioxidant activity of yam samples.

*radical scavenging activity of α-tocopherol (EC50 = 23 µg mL-1)
reducing power of α-tocopherol (EC50 = 94 µg mL-1)

Functions The substantial amount of phenolic compounds, as well as the significant antiradical activity, makes utilization of yam as a source of food antioxidant and nutraceutical commercially feasible.

Reduces cognitive deterioration

In vivo mice experiment
Subject 2-month-old male senescence accelerated mice (SAMP8)
  1. Control group (Casein diet)
  2. Treated group (casein diet supplemented with 10% lyophilized or with hot-air dried yam)
Duration 12 weeks
Dosage 10% lyophilized yam or 10% hot-air dried yam (Fresh tubers of D. alata L. Var. Purpurea)
Parameters analyzed Learning and memory ability & spongy degeneration
Outcomes Visible benefits

  • Results of passive and active shuttle avoidance tests showed the mice fed with the diet containing yam had significantly better learning and memory ability than the control group.
  • Brain morphology of mice revealed less spongy degeneration and low percentages of cells with lipofuscin in the hippocampus.

Figure 1: Mean number of successful active avoidance among 20 trials per day of shuttle avoidance test in SAMP8 mice fed with control or yam diets for 12 weeks.

Table 2: The spongiosis numbers and lipofuscin f the hippocampus in SAMP8 mice fed with the control or yam diets for 12 weeks.

  • The senescence-prone inbred series (SAMP) is a murine model system that has a shorter life span than normal mouse, and it shows many characteristics of mammalian aging.
  • The supplementation of the diet with yam could improve the learning and memory ability whilst reducing the brain morphology changes in mice.

Antihypertensive properties

In vivo lab experiments
Sample Dioscorea alata L.(purple yam) extract
Subject hypertensive rats (SHRs)
Duration 30 days
Dosage orally administered to the SHRs

  1. Alcohol-insoluble-solids (AIS) and hot air drying (HAD) = 40 or 60 mg/kg of SHR
  2. Steam-cooked once (SCO) / Steam-cooked twice (SCT) and hot air drying (HAD) = 80 mg/kg of SHR
  3. Water extracts = 154.4 mg of protein/kg of SHR
Parameters analyzed Blood pressure of SHT
Outcomes Visible benefits

Yam products were found to have antihypertensive properties in SHRs.

Figure 1: Effects of water extract Yam tuber heated at 90 degree celcius for 10min (WEY90H) on systolic blood pressure of spontaneously hypertensive rats by oral administration (1 ml/kg of SHR) once a day for 30 days.

Functions Purple yam extracts effectively reduce blood pressure and is a potential functional food for blood pressure regulation.

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