Knowledge: Soursop Fruit (Annona muricata)

Soursop Fruit (Annona muricata)

Soursop fruit (also known as graviola) is a tropical fruit native to the tropical regions of Americas and the Caribbean, but it has been widely propagated and it can be found in many other tropical countries like Malaysia as well.

Interestingly, not only its fruit, leaves of soursop have also been used in many ways, including for cooking and medicinal purposes. It has been used in many cultures to treat various ailments including headaches, insomnia, and rheumatism to even treating cancer.

Unlike its fruit, soursop leaves are rarely eaten or prepared in cuisine, however, it is often served as soursop leaf tea.

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Anticancer properties

Lab experiment
Subject HeLa cells – cervical cancer cells
  1. Control
  2. Ethanol extract of AM
  3. Water extract of AM
  4. 5FU
Duration MTT = 24 hours
Dosage MTT = Annona muricata crude extract (AMCE) of 7.8-250 µg/mL per well
Parameters analyzed Cell-based assay
Outcomes Visible benefits

  • The results showed that the ethanol extracts of soursop leaves has a cytotoxic activity with IC50 values of 1,787μg / mL, while aquos extracts the leaves has cytotoxic activity with IC50 values of 1,781 μg / mL.
  • All that values is better than that obtained from 5-Fluorouracil with IC50 values of 1,82 μg/mL

Functions The leaves are rich in annonaceous acetogenin, the most potent anticancer compounds, which may contribute to the antiproliferative action of soursop leaf extract.

Antimicrobial properties

In vivo lab experiments
Subject against Streptococcus mutansStreptococcus mitisPorphyromonas gingivalisPrevotella intermedia and Candida albicans on agar plates
  1. Soursop 1%
  2. Soursop 5%
  3. Soursop 10%
  4. Soursop 15%
  5. Soursop 20%
  6. Fluconazole
  7. Ciprofloxacin
  8. Chlorhexidine
Duration 24 hours (aerobic) – 48 hours (anaerobic)
Dosage Extracts of Annona muricata leaves of concentrations of 1%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%
Parameters analyzed Antimicrobial effect = disc diffusion method
Outcomes Visible benefits

  1. All concentrations of extracts were effective on the microbiota except for the P. Intermedia
  2. The Soursop extract was highly effective on Candida species, with all concentrations exhibiting bactericidal and fungicidal property.

Figure 1: Mean efficacy values of soursop extracts, respective Gold standard and positive control (Chlorhexidine 0.2%) on oral pathogens.

Functions This study proves to an extent that the Soursop extract when used against oral microbiota has sufficient anti-microbial and fungicidal property.

Anti-diabetic properties

Lab experiment
Subject Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats
  1. Nonglycemic rats (water, 5mg/kg glibenclamide, 100 mg/kg or 200 mg/kg soursop leaves extracts)
  2. Glycemic rats (water, 5mg/kg glibenclamide, 100 mg/kg or 200 mg/kg soursop leaves extracts)
Duration 28 days
Dosage Oral administration of Annona muricata leaves aqueous extract (100 mg/kg or 200 mg/kg)
Parameters analyzed Blood glucose levels
Outcomes Visible benefits

The plant extract was not effective in normal rats. In diabetic rats, single administration of the extract significantly reduced blood glucose levels by 75% and 58.22% respectively at the dose of 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg as compared to the initial value

Table 1: Effect of aqueous extract of Annona muricata against streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats.

Functions The antidiabetic activity of Annona muricata aqueous extract can be explained by its hypolipidaemic effect, its antioxidant and protective action on pancreatic β-cells, which in turn improve glucose metabolism.

Improve symptoms of fibromyalgia

widespread chronic musculoskeletal pain, other symptoms like anxiety, sleep disturbance, fatigue

In vivo mice experiment
Subject Female mice C57BL/6 (intermittent cold stress (ICS)-induced FMS) mice : hyperalgesia, thermal allodynia, decrease in exploratory behavior and muscular strength

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)

Group (I) = Healthy control

(II) = ICS control

(III) = ICS + acetaminophen (0.5%), were all fed a standard diet

(IV) = standard diets supplemented with 15% (AM15) aqueous extract of AM leaves

(V) = standard diets supplemented with 30% (AM30) aqueous extract of AM leaves

(VI) = standard diet supplemented with 30% of aqueous extract of AM leaves and 0.5% of acetaminophen

Duration 4 weeks
Dosage 15% and 30% of AM leaves aqueous extract
Parameters analyzed behavioural changes related to mechanical, thermal hyperalgesia and cognitive disturbances.
Outcomes Visible benefits

Animals treated with AM at the doses specified, experienced significantly reduced pain and improved muscle strength, and the AM reduced symptoms of chronic inflammation and fatigue of animals treated with the ICS.

Figure 1: Effect of AM leaf extracts on ICS mice. A) The ICS model of FMS, induced a significant mechanical hyperalgesia respect to non-treated group in the paw pressure test; B) thermal hyperalgesia (hot-plate): the group treated with ICS, shows a significant decreases in the licking time.

Figure 2:

Functions Diet supplementation with aqueous extracts of AM leaves is able to prevent symptoms associated wth FMS, such as chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
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