Knowledge: Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius)

Fresh Natural Flavour & Color / Chlorophyll / Phytonutrient


Pandan leaves or Pandanus amaryllifolius and sometimes called screw pine is a tall grass that grows in Asia and Southeast Asia. Pandan leaves have many culinary uses and also used as a cosmetic and alternative medicine to treat a variety of disease for centuries. The strong nutty aroma of pandan is caused by the aroma compound 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline, which may give white bread, jasmine rice and basmati rice their typical smell. The plant is widely cultivated in Malaysia.
Bionutricia combines state of the art of processing with the highest quality pandan leaves to produce spray dried pandan essence. Extracting goodness and key characteristics from pandan and transforming them into dried extracts offer various advantages to the users such as easy, cost effective to transport, and inherently stable for storage with no loss of quality or efficacy. Therefore, this product is suitable for coloring and flavoring in F&B industries.

Pandan Distribution Channel

• Restaurant • Manufacturer • Central Kitchen • Food Ingredient Supplier • Flavour House & End User/House wife • Hotel • Bar • Food Service Distributor • Food Kiosk and Cinema

Pandan Application Channel

Drinks: • Cooling • Energy • Cordial • Carbonated/Fizzy • Coffee • Ginger/Traditional Drink • Tea • Milk • Soy • Coconut • Ice-Cream • Kuih-muih • Jelly • Cake, Tea • Biscuit (filling cream) • Jam • Pudding • Filling for Pancake • Chocolate (filling) • Bao/Bun

Chemical Free Pandan Leaves grown & harvested in preserved pasture of Malaysia agricultural

Research & Development of Pandan leaf extract to produce standardized extract that contain the entire above mentioned phytochemicals industrial & commercialization purposes.

Pandanus Amaryllifolius contains
• Saponins • Flavonoids • Triterpenes • Active Compounds • Epicatechin • Naringin • Catechin • Kaempherol • Gallic Acid • Cinnamic Acid • Ferulic Acid

It has amino acids such as
• Glutamic Acid • Aspartic Acid • Threonine •hActive Compounds • Serine • Histidine • Alanine • Prolina


Extracts are tested by FRIM to contain high amount of active compounds.

HALAL Certificate & High Standard Product Quality Control

We provide nutritious, convenient & consistency for your application on food processing.

Problem Statement 1

There is no standardised extract of pandan leaf in the market. Manufacturer did not measure & quantify the active phytochemical compound & the efficacy & safety is not verified.

Solution 1

We will produce a standardized pandan leaf extract with quantified active phytochemical compound & tested effectiveness & safety.

Problem Statement 2

There is no natural flavour & colour of energy drink with no food additive & preservative (Synthetic energy drink).

Solution 2

Ultrasonic & enzymatic pretreatment process into green biotechnology extraction & micro-encapsulated spray dryer.

Problem Statement 3

Current energy drinks are high in sugar content, artificial sweetener & caffeine which is not healthy.

Solution 3

With this technology, we will produce 100% natural flavour & colour cooling energy drink which will not affect sleeping quality.


Health Benefit of Standardized Natural Pandan Extract (NPE)

Alkaline pH Health Balanced Body

Natural Pandan Extract (NPE) is alkaline-forming to the body. Viruses and diseases such as colds, flu, cancer and even heart disease thrive in an acidic body, but cannot survive when your body is alkaline (pH 7.1 – 7.5).

Antioxidant Activity

NPE have been demonstrated to have the following properties.
• Free radical scavenging activity • Nitric oxide scavenging activity • Reduced ferric ion activity • Reduced lipid peroxidation in liver • Increased the reduced glutathione (GSH) in liver

Cooling & Detoxifying

NPE contained Chlorophyll that can help body remove toxins & pollutants.

In vivo study on effect of chlorophyll on aflatoxin detoxification
Subject Healthy adults (n=180) Male F344 rats (n=21)
Duration of the study 4 months 2 days
Dosage 3 times a day 5 daily doses
Groups Control : Placebo
Test group: 100mg chlorophyllin
Control: 250 mg/kg aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) alone
Test group 1: AFB1 dose with 250 mg/kg chlorophyllin (CHL)
Test group 2: AFB1 dose with 300 mg/kg chlorophyll (chl)
Parameters analysed Aflatoxin-N-guanine level in urine samples Aflatoxin—serum albumin
Hepatic aflatoxin—DNA
Urinary AFB–N7 -guanine and fecal AFB equivalents
Function • Chlorophyllin impedes the bioavailability of carcinogens by forming molecular complexes and enhances their elimination in the fecal stream
• Chlorophyll provides potent chemoprotection against early AFB1 carcinogenesis in the rat liver and colon.
Visible Benefits • Decreased Aflatoxin-N-guanine level in liver and serum by 55% and 71% respectively
• Decreased Aflatoxin-N-guanine level in urine by 92%

Quick Recovery Of Energy

Polysaccharides extracted from Pandan are its main bioactive compound & have multiple pharmacological activities. This study is designed to investigate the anti-fatigue effects of Pandan’s polysaccharide (PP) in mice using the forced swimming tests. The results from this study will be extrapolated into human use. Therefore, one product from Pandan using polysaccharide as marker will be developed.

In vivo study on effect of chlorophyll on aflatoxin detoxification
Subject Male Wistar rats (n=28)
Duration of the study 14 days
Dosage • Once daily by oral • 10% extract, 5ml/200g BB
Groups • Positive control : Amitriptilin • Negative control: Water • Test group: 10% pandan extract
Parameters analysed • Forced swimming test • Cortisol level
Function The extract increased mobility and reduced stress level
Visible Benefits • Decreased immobility time by 45.3% • Decreased cortisol level by 33.2%

Sports Nutrition

Natural Presence of amino acid (glutamic acid, proline, ornithine) in NPE
Amino acids can improve body energy and enhance performance in your workout.

  1. Glutamic acid which are due to its ability to convert to Glutamine, one of the most important amino acids. Of particular interest to athletes, it positively impacts energy production, wound healing & emergency energy release.
  2. Proline is an amino acid needed for the production of collagen & cartilage. It keeps muscles & joints flexible.
  3. Ornithine is related to ammonia detoxification in the liver. Hence, ammonia detoxification is important for enhancement of exercise performance. Therefore, ornithine has recently been promoted as one of the commercial sports supplements.

Pandan Leaf Liquid & Powder Extraction Process

Save your time with Pandan Leaf Extract

  • Available in fine premium powder & concentrated liquid
  • Green bio-technology extraction for optimal phyto-nutrients
  • Freshness superfoods in a pack, hand picked highest quality
  • Eco-friendly resealable packaging
  • No harm, just harmony, manufactured naturally. No chemicals
  • Free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers
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