Guide to Buying Pure Tongkat Ali Extract in Bulk. Should You Buy From Aliexpress?


Pure Tongkat Ali root extract also known as Longjack in the West has been proven to be an effective testosterone booster. It is known around the world as a libido enhancer and improves athletic performance. With more men having issues with their sexual function, there’s no doubt that the market for this alternative medicine has been growing. 

With huge demand, sellers of Tongkat Ali powder thrive in this market with little competition. Whether you are looking at starting your business or you’ve been selling this herb for a while, here’s a guide to buying Tongkat Ali in bulk. 

Giant online markets such as Amazon and Aliexpress also sell at bulk offer special prices for pure Tongkat Ali, making it more attractive for resellers. More discounts mean better margin, and that’s good for businessmen. 

However, as resellers, it is also our responsibility to ensure that our products come from reputable sources because there are many risks when it comes to selling herbs for medicinal purposes. People take them in their bodies, and who knows how their bodies will react to the substance?

Pros in Buying Pure Tongkat Ali Extract in Online Markets (Amazon, Aliexpress):

  • Online Markets offer convenient shipping. 

    We often buy a lot of different products from the online market because of its convenience. These platforms can automatically calculate the total pricing when it is shipped to your registered address as you add the quantity to your basket. You can check out in less than a minute, and all you need to do is wait for your delivery to arrive.  

·        There is a lot of feedback you can read beforehand before buying the product. 

Another good thing about buying from Amazon or Aliexpress is you can read the feedback before buying them. This way, you’ll first hear from previous users if the product is effective or not. If not, you can then jump to the next supplier and see if they are selling a superior product. 

·        Special prices are given if you buy in bulk. 

One of the main reasons we are drawn to buying from these online markets is that they are cheap. The more you buy, the more discounts you get. Some would even offer cash back or points, which you can use for your next purchase. If you want to save money, there is no reason why you should skip buying from Amazon or Aliexpress. Everyone seemed to be doing it anyway. 

Cons in Buying Pure Tongkat Extract Ali in Online Markets (Amazon, Aliexpress): 

·        There is plenty of fake feedback in these online markets. 

Anyone can give five-star reviews nowadays – how do you even know which one is true? Most especially in online markets, these companies can quickly pay someone to provide them with fake feedback. The platforms are not secured enough that anyone with a credit card can prove that they made a purchase online, followed by a review. 

Don’t get blinded by the excellent feedback. Go on, click and read the one-star review. It is best to read the lousy feedback, too, to make sure you get a balanced perspective. One of the worst feedbacks we saw was someone felt anxious and easily irritated upon taking it. Another feedback refers to getting brain fog that lasted for two weeks. Don’t make these mistakes!

·        Chances are you’ll find a fake Tongkat Ali extract.

In the online world, anyone can claim anything. With good copywriting skills, these online platforms can easily highlight the true or the false features of their product. It is better to be careful and purchase from a reliable source instead. 

·        These online markets don’t offer a guarantee. 

What if you get sick after taking the tablets? You cannot just make a complaint with the online platform and expect them to compensate you. These online platforms don’t offer a guarantee that their product works. Or any insurance that you will be in safe hands. Most of the sellers online repack these herbs and re-label them. You won’t know if what you are going to take is an authentic, pure Tongkat Ali or not. 

A Guide to Buying Pure Tongkat Ali Powder in Bulk

Here are some things to look out for when buying Tongkat Ali. 

1.     Ensure that the product you are going to buy is standardized. 

How do you know if the Tongkat Ali extract is standardized? Standardized means the product must contain the required percentage for it to be effective. For example, eurycomanone is one of the most beneficial ingredients of Tongkat Ali. 

 Upon the process of extraction, the amount of eurycomanone extract must meet the standard percentage, or it can’t be used.

2.     What is the real color of Tongkat Ali root powder? 

Stores claim that the actual color of a Tongkat Ali should be dark brown or tan or yellow when there is no correct color shade. The color is usually affected by the temperature used or the amount of exposure. It is also influenced by the extraction method. Thus, those who claim that a Tongkat Ali must be in a particular color are simply using a marketing ploy. 

 The extract will undergo different procedures so, the color may vary from batch to batch. It can go from sandy brown to a reddish-brown, so be wary of shops who claim that just because theirs is darker, theirs is more effective. 

3.     The FDA does not test or approve any herbal product.

Beware of shops who claim that their products were tested and approved by the FDA. You may even find a registration number. Keep in mind that the FDA does not test any kind of herbal products. The federal law does not prove a dietary supplement is safe. All it does is monitor the market shall they receive a serious report.  

Here’s Our Verdict

Should I buy Pure Tongkat Ali Powder from online markets such as Aliexpress or Amazon?  

The short answer is no.

There has been a recent study on Tongkat Ali being sold on Amazon. Forty-one products were tested, with 17 of them does not even contain eurycomanone. The other ten had the lesser standard extract. The rest only comprised 0.8% eurycomanone, which is not enough to be deemed effective. 

Given the risks above, it is best not to buy from random sellers online. If you want to purchase authentic Tongkat Ali, it is best to get it directly from the Bionutricia Extract website. The company has been was founded in 2006 with a headquarter in Malaysia. 

We are committed to providing our consumers with high-standard active ingredients from Malaysia’s tropical forest, backed by scientific research and collaborated with local universities. Bionutricia also ensures that our products go through stringent international guidelines. 

So, yes! As a reseller, you can entrust your customers to Bionutricia’s hands. 

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