Knowledge: Mango (Mangifera indica)

Mango (Mangifera indica)

In some parts of the world, mango (Mangifera indica) is called the ‘king of fruits’. The genus Mangifera belongs to the family Anacardiaceae. Genus Mangifera approximately contains 69 different species with M.indica being the most common species in the same genus. M.indica plant is an evergreen broad canopy tree which grows to a height of 8-40 m. Mango is drupe with different sizes, shapes, and colours. Fruit peel is green, yellow, red, or orange. Seeds are ovoid- or oblong-shaped covered with a hard endocarp having a woody fiber covering.

A large variety of chemical compounds have been reported in M. indica. Among these, polyphenols (flavonoids, xanthones, and phenolic acids) are the most abundant compound types in M. indica. Mangiferin, gallic acid, catechins, quercetin, kaempferol, protocatechuic acid, ellagic acids, propyl and methyl gallate, rhamnetin, and anthocyanins are the major polyphenolic compounds found in M. indica. Mangiferin is a well-known polyphenolic compound which has been extensively studied for its numerous biological properties. Antioxidant properties have been shown to be the main biological property of almost all the M. indica polyphenols. Ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid (oxidized form of ascorbic acid) are two other common polyphenols found in M. indica. The amount of polyphenols is high in many parts of M. indica. Thus, a pure compound alone has been proven to be less effective than crude drugs, implying that the synergism of many M. indica polyphenols is essential for optimum biological activities

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Control Blood Sugar Level

In vivo study on the effects of mango supplementation on blood sugar in obese individual
Subject Obese adults with BMI of 30–45 kg/m2 (n =20)
Duration 12 weeks
Dosage 10g/day of ground freeze-dried mango pulp
  • Male
  • Female
Parameters analyzed Blood test
Outcomes Visible benefits

Mango significantly reduced overall blood glucose (−4.1 mg/dL, P < 0.001) in obese individuals.The glucose-lowering effect of mango was observed in both male (−4.5 mg/dL, P = 0.018) and female (−3.6 mg/dL, P = 0.003)

Functions Regular consumption of mango by obese adults provides a positive effect on their blood glucose.

The hypoglycemic effect is speculated to result from mangiferin’s interference with the glucosidase enzymes of sucrase, isomaltase, and maltase that are responsible for carbohydrate digestion, which results in a decrease in glucose intestinal absorption. In addition to the phenolic compounds, mango is also a rich source of dietary fiber, which can also reduce digestion of carbohydrate and lower glucose absorption.

Improve memory

In vivo study on effect of the M. indica extract on spatial memory of cognitive deficit rat induced by AF64A (cholinotoxin)
Subject Male Wistar rats (n = 64, 8 rats in each group)
Duration 3 weeks
  • Control: rats in this group were exposed to sham operation plus vehicle (distilled water).
  • Vehicle + ACSF: all animals in this group received vehicle or distilled water treatment at a period of 2 weeks before and 1 week after the intracerebroventricular (icv) administration of artificial cerebrospinal fluid (ACSF) bilaterally.
  • Vehicle + AF64A: rats had been treated with vehicle for 2 weeks before and 1 week after the intracerebroventricular administration of AF64A.
  • Donepezil + AF64A: animals were orally treated with donepezil, a cholinesterase inhibitor which was used as standard drug for dementia treatment. The animals were treated in the same pattern as that mentioned in group III and they were served as positive control in this study.
  • Vitamin C + AF64A: Rats were orally given vitamin C, a standard antioxidant which was previously reported to enhance memory and to attenuate neurodegeneration. This group was also treated in the same pattern as mentioned earlier in group III and they were served as positive control.
  • MJ + AF64A: the animals were orally treated with the M. indica fruit extract at doses of 12.5mg·kg−1 BW
  • MJ + AF64A: the animals were orally treated with the M. indica fruit extract at doses of 50mg·kg−1 BW
  • MJ + AF64A: the animals were orally treated with the M. indica fruit extract at doses of 200mg·kg−1 BW
Parameters analyzed Morris Water Maze Test
Outcomes Visible benefits

The mango extract at all doses used in this study enhanced the escape latency and the decreased retention time induced by AF64A (P value < .01 all, compared to vehicle + AF64A).

Functions Mangifera indica Fruit Extract improves memory impairment in animal model of mild cognitive impairment.


In vivo study on anti-inflammatory effect of mango (Mangifera Indica L.) polyphenolics containing gallic acid and gallotanins
Subject Sprague–Dawley male rats with 3% dextran sodium sulfate (DSS) treatment (n =20)
Duration 9 weeks
  • Control: 15.7 g sugar and 0.05 g citric acid were added to 100 ml distilled water
  • Mango: beverage with mango polyphenolics
Parameters analyzed
  • Histopathology and immunohistochemistry analysis
  • Ki-67 immunohistochemical staining
Outcomes Visible benefits

Mango beverage protected against DSS-induced colonic inflammation (47%, P = 0.05) and decreased the Ki-67 labeling index in the central and basal regions compared to the control.

Functions Mango polyphenolics reduce inflammation in intestinal colitis.

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