Knowledge: Herbasomal Vsionboost

Herbosomal Vsionboost is a proprietary complex that is encapsulated using liposomal technology, having good bioavailability in nourishing your eyes, optimising your vision.

It is an unique blend of natural herbs, comprising of Butterfly Pea Flower Extract, Carrot Extract, Goji Berry Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Arabic Gum, MCT, Glycerol, Sunflower Lecithin, Permitted Food Conditioner.

All the ingredients above are being encapsulated in the liposome to better protect the active ingredients achieving sustained release and promise effective delivery to targeted tissues.

Uniqueness of some of the key herbs in this blend:

  • Butterfly pea flower: Also known as Clitoria Ternatea, or Asian pigeon wings, is a native plant to North America. Traditionally used for boosting memory and relieve stress.

Research shows that Butterfly pea flower extract is effective in treating fungal keratitis (a severe eye disease), due to its anti-microbial, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties.

Figure 1: The effect of Butterfly Pea flower extract in controlling C. Hoffmannii fungus-related biofilm formation

  • Carrots: Carrots has a rich source of Vitamin A (derived from Beta-carotene), Vitamin E (derived from alpha-tocopherol), anthocyanins and other nutrients. Carrots is widely used as a functional food and is proven to be effective prevention of eye and various chronic diseases.
  • Goji berry: Also known as Lycium Barbarum, is a native plant to East and Southeast Asia. Traditionally used for nourish the liver and improve blood circulation.

Research shows 12 months of Goji berry supplementation is effective in preserving the visual acuity and macular structure (including maintaining macular retinal thickness) of the eye in individuals with Retinitis Pigmentosa (a rare eye disease).

Figure 2: The effects of Goji Berry supplementation on the eye macular retinal thickness at baseline and after 12 months.

  • Grape Seed extract: Also known as Vitis vinifera, is a native plant to Mediterranean region and Southeast Asia. Traditionally used for skin and eye health.

Research shows 48 hours of Grape Seed supplementation is effective in protecting human eye lens epithelial cells against damage, which is important in the prevention of cataract.

Figure 3: The effect of Grape Seed supplementation on the cell viability (healthy cell survival) of human lens epithelial cells

With the Herbosomal Technology and unique blend, Herbosomal Vsionboost offers quality, high bioavailability herbal extracts to effectively improve one’s eye health.

Dose & Application of Herbosomal Vsionboost:

Add 3 spoons equivalent to 500mg to your recipes. Spoon provided for free.


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