Red Apple Extract Powder 200g/1Kg, Natural Additives Enhance Antioxidant 100% Fruit Dietary Fiber Vitamin C.No Preservative

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Red apple powder:

An apple is an edible fruit produced by an apple tree (Malus domestica). Apple trees are cultivated worldwide and are the most widely grown species in the genus Malus. There are more than 7,500 known cultivars of apples. Worldwide production of apples in 2018 was 86 million tonnes, with China accounting for nearly half of the total, followed by USA and Turkey. Among the traits selected for by human growers are size, fruit acidity, color, firmness, and soluble sugar. Apple has green and red varieties. Red varieties are always the first choice for direct consumption purpose because they are sweet. All parts of the fruit, including the skin, except for the seeds, are suitable for human consumption. The core, from stem to bottom, containing the seeds, is usually not eaten and is discarded.

The fruit has been doing much good to people who are health conscious. Apple is a very nutritious, aromatic and delicious fruit. It is very rich in Vitamin C, B and A. It contains about 11% sugar besides essential minerals in appreciable amounts-Red apple powder.

● 100% natural without anti-caking agents/additives
● Granular powder, uniform particle size, excellent fluidity & solubility
● Rich source of polyphenols, an important group of antioxidants.
● Improve digestion
● Help in weight loss
● Vegan
● Non-GMO
● No Fillers
● No Flavors
● No Additives
● No Preservatives
● No Artificial Colors
● Soy and Gluten-Free

Suggested application
Bakery, Beverage, Cereal Bars, Chocolate, Coatings, Confectionery, Desserts, Fillings, Functional Foods, Ice Cream, Marinades, Pet Foods, Plant Based, Ready Meals, Sauces, Smoothies, Snack Mixes, Stock Cubes, Stuffings, Toppings, Yoghurts
Our apple extract powder is produced by spray drying filtered red apple juice to powder with protection of starch hydrolysate. Therefore the apple taste and nutritional value can be maintained.

*Direction of Use*
Add 1/8 teapoon to 6 tablespoon or 0.2% to 6% of total weight or as needed. Mix,top or blend in water, smoothies, beverages, ice-cream, kuih-muih, cake, jam, jelly, pudding, snacks, biscuits, desserts, dressing & recipes.

For Baking: Means need to add 0.2g-60g of the extract to make a 1kg cake.
(Depends on personal preferences)
*Storage Method: Powder in Canister*
Store in a refrigerator/cool place after opening.
● Colour, taste, texture may vary from batch to batch, and sediment might occur as the ingredients used are natural.
● Some powder is very fine, while some powder is more coarse. Please take this into consideration when ordering.
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