Fermented Vinegar Powder (200g / Can)

RM 59.90

  • Improve Digestion
  • Treat Cough
  • Lower Blood Sugar
  • Help in Weight Loss
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Rich in Phytonutrient
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • No Additives, No Chemical & No Preservatives

Our fermented vinegar powder is produced by naturally fermented vinegar from white cane sugar. The spray dried powder contains 50-60% acetic acid and it has very strong smell. This means it can be applied in small amount in any cooking recipes or any formulations.


Vinegar powder:

The word vinegar derives from the French “vin aigre,” or sour wine. Vinegar is a sour taste liquid made up of water and acetic acid. Vinegar involves two stages of fermentation process: alcoholic fermentation and acetic fermentation. Fermentation is founded on the effect of microbes in nature. First, yeast consuming sugar within fruits or grains and formed alcohol. This process known as alcoholic fermentation. Then, oxygen and bacteria will present in second stage cause acetification to transform alcohol into vinegar. The ideal fermentation temperature is 77 to 86 degree Fahrenheit. During acetic fermentation, ethyl acetate will form, which produce glue-like smell. This smell shows a signal that the fermentation is proceeding correctly and the fermentation is nearly finish when the smell slowly gone.

Due to its characteristic of acetic acid content and low pH, vinegar was originally used to preserve food in order to increase the shelf life of food by killing bacteria. No matter for domestic use or for food industries, people like to use vinegar in preservation or pickling of various foods such as vegetable, meat, fish products and fruit products. Besides, vinegar can brighten the flavors of food and balance to rich dish. Vinegar can also alter the texture of food. It will break down the chemical structure of protein to increase the tenderness of meat and fish.

Vinegar powder is naturally acidic. It is suitable for people with low stomach acidity to aid digestion. This could prevent gas and bloating, which a slow digestion can cause. Vinegar can also help control blood sugar because the addition of vinegar in the diet can reduce the spike of blood glucose level.

Vinegar has anti-inflammatory effect as it contains acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acid. Regular consumption of vinegar could help rebalance the natural pH of the skin and improving the protective skin barrier. Vinegar’s antibacterial properties also good for preventing skin infection cause by bacteria.

Direction of Use
Add 1/8 teapoon to 6 tablespoon or 0.2% to 6% of total weight or as needed. Mix, top or blend in water, smoothies, beverages, ice-cream, kuih-muih, cake, jam, jelly, pudding, snacks, biscuits, desserts, dressing & recipes.
For Baking: Means need to add 0.2g-60g of the extract to make a 1kg cake.
(Depends on personal preferences)

Storage Method: Powder in Canister
Store in a refrigerator/cool place after opening.

Colour, taste, texture may vary from batch to batch, and sediment might occur as the ingredients used are natural.
Some powder is very fine, while some powder is more coarse. Please take this into consideration when ordering.
Stop using this product if an allergy occurs.

Official Website: https://bionutriciaextract.com