Food Ingredient

Pandanus amaryllifolius

Pandanus amaryllifolius



Butterfly pea flower

Clitoria ternatea L.


Vanilla planifolia

Roselle Hibiscus

Hibiscus sabdariffa


Ananas comosus




Phoenix dactylifera L.

Musang Durian


Coconut Nectar

Cocos nucifera

Lemon Lime

Citrus limon + Citrofortunella microcarpa

Pink Guava

Psidium guajava



Dark Cocoa

Theobroma cacao

Standardized Food Extract Ingredient Manufacturer

As the leading food and herbal extract manufacturer in Malaysia, Bionutricia’s extensive technical expertise and knowledge will meet your formulation needs and allow efficient response to any of your challenges faced. Dedicated to inspiring customers with insight and quality, our innovative food extract technology service can manufacture food ingredients to achieve your desired effect. The complex mixture of flavor components extracted from our vanilla ground black bean pods will make it a widely accepted flavoring agent, especially in sweet foods and drinks.  Our lemongrass extract has a fresh, lemony aroma and a citrus flavor which acts as a common ingredient in Malaysian delights such as laksa, tomyam, and even in your herbal tea – promoting good sleep, relieving pain, and boosting immunity. Whether you are searching for the highest quality pandan extract ingredient to add as to your cooking, or the exotic butterfly pea flower extract ingredient to add a unique impact to your brewed tea and as an edible food dye, we can help.

Pioneering the active ingredients market for years now, Bionutricia ensures to only produce and sell original, innovative, safe ingredients for the betterment of your emotional and cognitive wellness. Our food extract ingredients promise to deliver distinct tonality while capitalising on the healthy attributes inherent to the source. Dedicated to maximising the bioactivity of our extractions products, Bionutricia’s food extract ingredients promise distinct tonality, maximum bioactivity, health attributes and to meet important sensory markers.