Almond (Prunus amygdalus)

Almond is versatile with sweet flavour and can be easily incorporated in the diet plan as it can be eaten at anytime in any form. It is usually eaten as snacks.

Fermented Black Garlic

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Black Garlic is known to contain much more functional compounds than fresh garlic.

Avocado (Persea americana)

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Avocado is often referred to as a “superfood” due to the unique nutritional value as it is rich in protein and contains fat-soluble vitamins lacking in other fruits.

Liposomal Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, which means our body cannot produce it. It is water-soluble and found in many fruits and…

Black Tea (Camellia Sinensis)

Black tea is made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It is known as black tea in the West and known as red tea in the East…

Soursop Leaf (Annona Muricata)

Soursop Leaf (Annona muricata) The popular fruit tree of Annona muricata (Annonaceae) commonly known as graviola or soursop…

Senna Leaf (Senna Alexandrina)

Senna leaf Senna alexandrina is an ayurvedic herb more popularly known as senna. Senna is among the most well-known and frequently…