Brassica oleracea Floret Extract

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Brassica oleracea Floret

Broccoli, Brassica oleracea, is an edible green plant whose large green color flowering head and stalk is eaten as a vegetable. China and India produced 73% of the world’s broccoli crops. It is eaten raw or cooked. By boiling, the characteristic sulfur-containing glucosinolate compound, sulforaphane can be easily diminished, but are better preserved by steaming, microwaving or stir-frying. With extraction at low temperature, the beneficial compounds can be concentrated and preserved in the form of powder that can be easily be taken as a food supplement. During processing or even chewing, the enzyme myrosinase can convert glucoraphanin present in broccoli into biologically active derivative sulforaphane.

Broccoli has a reputation as a superfood. It is low in calories but contains a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants (vitamin C, K, and A and dietary fiber) that support many aspects of human health. Broccoli has be found effective in certain cancerous conditions like prostate cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer. The antioxidants present in broccoli can reduce inflammation, boost immune system and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Pure Broccoli Brassica oleracea Floret Extract must have Sulforaphane!

Without Sulforaphane, it’s not Broccoli Brassica oleracea Floret!
 0.5-1% Sulforaphane (Bioactive Phytochemicals)

No harm/chemicals/preservative, just harmony, manufactured naturally

  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • No Fillers
  • No Flavors
  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • No Artificial Colors
  • Soy and Gluten Free
  • Lab Tested for Authentic & Active Compound
  • Origin from Malaysia Borneo Forest

Healthy Benefits

  • May improve brain
  • May control inflammation
  • High in antioxidant
  • Rich in phytonutrient
  • Ultrasonic hot water extraction
  • Scientifically tested

BIONUTRICIA Brassica oleracea Floret Broccoli Extract


Certification Registered with the Ministry of Health, Halal Tested Not registered & certified
Raw Ingredients Brassica oleracea Floret Broccoli Extract from Malaysia Very little / no raw ingredients; Use non-Broccoli materials
Process Extracted through R.O. water & Ultra-sonic; Full bio-active ingredients Grinded plant powder; Extracted through ethanol process
Active Compound Tested with high amount of Acetogenins Not Tested
Formulation Only Brassica oleracea Floret Broccoli- which is proven safe and effective Combination of other ingredients (effectiveness & safety is not proven); Added with prohibited drugs
Label Transparent, standardized Brassica oleracea Floret Broccoli Extract 0.5-1% Sulforaphane (Bioactive Phytochemicals) Misleading claim (quantity), incorrect amount of Broccoli extract, mostly filler ingredients

High Standard Product Quality Control


Lung Health

In vivo study on effect of broccoli on smokers

SubjectHealthy young smokers (n=27)
Duration of the study10 days
Dosage250g steamed broccoli per day
Groups(1) Before
 (2) After
Parameters analysedSurvival rate, tumor growth, histopathologic and mechanism study
LG extract has both hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects.
Visible benefits
• 20 mg/kg of extract resulted in prolonged survival rates and increased inhibition of tumor growth and lymph node metastasis.
• The extract elevated apoptotic cell death and increased expression of active caspase-3 and -9 of cancer cells.


In vivo study on effect of broccoli on prostate cancer

SubjectMen having risk of prostate cancer (n=49)
Duration of the study1 year
Dosage400g broccoli per week
Groups(1) Broccoli-rich diet
(2) Pea-rich diet
Parameters analysedTumor size, histopathologic and mechanism study
α-mangostin and the G. mangostana xanthones are potential anti-colon cancer candidate.
Visible benefits
• The xanthone extract has cytotoxicity comparable to the drug and 2 times higher selectivity towards the colon cancer cells compared to normal cells.
• The extract and α-mangostin inhibited 3 key steps in tumor metastasis including the cell migration, cell invasion and clonogenicity.


In vivo study on effect of broccoli on diabetes

SubjectType 2 diabetic patients (n=81)
Duration of the study4 weeks
Dosage5, 10 g/day broccoli powder (BP)
Groups(1) 10 g/d BP
(2) 5 g/d BP
(3) Placebo
Parameters analysed• Serum high-sensitive C reactive protein (hs-CRP), interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis α (TNF-α) levels.
 • Cardiovascular risk factor parameters
High-sulforaphane broccoli had favorable effects on inflammatory markers and lipid profiles in diabetes.
Visible benefits
• BP treatment groups have a significant decrease in serum hs-CRP concentration (20.5% and 16.4%), decrease in serum IL-6 (3.6% and 0.7%), and TNF-α concentration (1.6% and 10.9%).
 • BP in dose of 10 g/d, significantly decreased serum triglycerides, OX-LDL/LDL ratio and atherogenic index of plasma and increased HDL-C concentration.


In vivo study on effect of broccoli on inflammation

SubjectHealthy overweight individuals (n=40)
Duration of the study10 weeks
Dosage30g/day broccoli
Groups(1) With treatment
(2) Without treatment
Parameters analysed• BMI
• Levels of TNF-α, IL-6, IL-1β and C-reactive protein
Long term consumption of broccoli is beneficial to reduce inflammation in obese individuals.
Visible benefits
• IL-6 levels significantly decreased (from 4.76 pg/mL to 2.11 pg/mL) during treatment and maintained at low grade (1.20-2.66 pg/mL) without treatment.
• C-reactive protein significantly decreased.


Prevent breast cancer

In vitro and in vivo study on effect of broccoli on breast cancer

Subject Human breast cancer cells, xenograft tumor
Duration of the study 2 weeks
Dosage 50mg/kg sulforaphane
Groups (1) Control (2) Treatment
Parameters analysed Protein expression, cancer cell distribution
Function Sulforaphane is potentially used for the chemoprevention of breast cancer stem cells. Visible benefits Sulforaphane decreased aldehyde dehydrogenase–positive cell population by 65% to 80% in human breast cancer cells and reduced the size and number of primary mammospheres by 8- to 125-fold and 45% to 75%, respectively.


In vivo study on effect of broccoli on immunity

Subject Young and old mice (n=18)
Duration of the study 11 days
Dosage Sulforaphane (9 μmol/d per mouse)
Groups (1) Young (2) Old (3) Old + SFN
Parameters analysed • Immunity cell levels • Glutathione (GSH) levels
Function Broccoli is capable to interfere with the age-related decline in immune function. Visible benefits Systemic SFN administration reversed the decline in cellular immune function in old mice through Nrf2-mediated antioxidant enzyme expression and GSH synthesis to the level of younger mice.

Brain Health

In vivo study on effect of broccoli on brain health

Subject Schzophrenia patients (n=10)
Duration of the study 8 weeks
Dosage Sulforaphane-glucosinolate (30mg per day)
Groups (1) Before (2) After
Parameters analysed Cognitive function
Function SFN has the potential to improve cognitive function in patients with schizophrenia. Visible benefits The mean score in the learning task increased significantly after the treatment.

Standardized Pure 20:1 Brassica oleracea Floret Broccoli Extract Powder

  • Pure 20:1 Brassica oleracea Floret Broccoli Extract
  • 0.5-1% Sulforaphane (Bioactive Phytochemicals)
  • May improve brain
  • May control inflammation
  • High in antioxidant
  • Rich in phytonutrient
  • Ultrasonic hot water extraction
  • Scientifically tested